WearEver Pure Living Cookware

PL 10pc set Champagne -Hi Res

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PRICE:  10 PC Set ($89.97),  8″ and 10″ Fry Pan Combo ($34.97), 12″ Fry Pan ($34.97)


DESCRIPTION: The fewer chemicals in cookware, the better. WearEver Pure Living cookware has ceramic surfaces free of toxins such as PFOA, PTFE and cadmium. Best of all, each piece is recyclable, and dishwasher safe.


So… wow! I have always used WearEver cookware. I have been married for over 12 years and was in need of a new skillet (since I didn’t take proper care of the one that I had). The WearEver Pure Living skillet is amazing. Nothing has stuck to it! I do a lot of cooking since I have a large family and this skillet has risen to the challenge! (plus the one I have is red which is pure awesome anyway) I have cooked bacon, eggs, ground beef, veggies and nuts in it and it has performed so well. When I feel it’s time to replace my entire collection of cookware, I think I know what I’m getting.

City Saky by Saky Sacks



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PRICE:  $15.00

AVAILABLE AT:  sakysacks.com

DESCRIPTION:   City Saky is a celebrity favorite;  this tote takes you from the supermarket to the street or to the beach in style!  The patented design can easily carry up to 25 lbs.

• Tear, stain and water resistant
• Lightweight and strong
• Machine washable
• Interior clasp to keep contents secure
• Dimensions 15″ x 14″  x 7.5″

Coordinate Saky Sacks with Sakcessories that clip onto the bag!


The City Saky is great for all types of uses. We’ve drug it to dance classes and also packed it to the brim with styling products and accessories for a wedding we were in. I’m not sure about using it for groceries, as they suggest, due to the fact there’s no solid bottom to it. I can imagine we might get some use out of it going back and forth from the library as a book tote. It’s a great size and it’s machine washable which is a huge plus. I think it would make a great carry-on bag for travel or to pack for bringing home your souvenirs!

Overall I think it’s a good buy for the money and the pattern is really cute. I’m not sure I’ll get this one back from my daughter, so we might need another!

The Pearl Girls Samantha Necklace


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PRICE: $139.00
AVAILABLE AT: thepearlgirls.com
DESCRIPTION: Semi-baroque pearls scattered on ten strands of stainless steel wire.

Different from the normal “string of pearls”, The Pearl Girls Samantha necklace is sure to turn heads. I wore it to my sister’s wedding with a faux-wrap dress and it looked great! I got so many compliments on it. I haven’t been a huge fan of wire necklaces in the past but this one is very comfortable to wear. This necklace makes a great gift for any woman in your life.

nora fleming collection

ladybug pasta ramekin

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PRICE:  Varies

AVAILABLE AT:  norafleming.com

DESCRIPTION:  The nora fleming collection pairs traditional ivory-colored, ceramic serving platters with unique, decorative pieces, minis, that represent holidays and themes. Each platter and serving piece has a small hole on the rim to place a mini that enhances the event or occasion. nora fleming has every serving occasion covered with ceramic serving pieces that include platters, a pedestal cake stand, candy dish/napkin holders, a divided dish and a large serving bowl. nora fleming’s unmatched, distinctive collection also includes over eighty minis which cover seasons, sports, hobbies, and holidays. New minis are released quarterly to ensure the collection stays fresh.


Who doesn’t love a good party?!

I love hosting parties and my favorite part is planning the theme and tablescape.  What I thought I would love is to have a different set of dishes for every occasion.  Then I realized I would have to store them.  Also, my chef sister says white is best because it shows off your food.

So, white dishes.  Okay.  How do I make that work with every theme?  What if I want some “fun” dishes?  Well, I found something that answers both of these questions.

spring display tier smaller

nora fleming platters.  White platters of different shapes and sizes.  And they aren’t just plain white.  They have a bit of interest around the edges.  The best part?  They have “minis” that you just pop into a spot on your dish and you’re instantly decorated for Halloween, a ladybug birthday, football party or Christmas dinner!  I have the pasta dish and I love it.  It is a great shape and size and serves anything you fix in style.  I can’t wait to get a pineapple mini for the next time I have a party in honor of my favorite t.v. show!  (any fellow Psych-Os out there?)

I plan to expand my collection so I can keep my friends talking about how awesome my parties are and how great the table looks!

NaiLuv Gel Polish Starter Kit

New_Dennisvia Indiana Chronicle

PRICE:  $125.00

AVAILABLE AT: nailuvpolish.com & Nordstrom

DESCRIPTION: GEL POLISH STARTER KIT brings your favorite salon-nail experience right in the comforts of your home. The kit comes with NaiLuv Professional 4 watt LED Lamp to give your nails the salon-look you’ve always wanted:  HI-SHINE, SMUDGE-PROOF, CHIP-FREE and LONGER LASTING!!! Salon-finish nails done in minutes!


As a working mother with 4 young ones at home I don’t really have the time (or resources) to go to the salon for a mani every 3 weeks. I loved the gel manicures that my coworkers had done and wished I had time to get one.

Enter the NaiLuv Professional Gel Polish Starter Kit.

I was so excited to try it! I decided to sit down on a Thursday evening to give it a go. How did it go? Well, I’ll tell you.

I got everything set up at the kitchen table since that is where I had the most room and light. I read through all of the directions and then started the process. First there’s the prep, pushing back your cuticles and such. You then start by applying the bonder, followed by the Dual Purpose Base/Top Coat, color (I did 2 coats), then the Dual Purpose Base/Top Coat again. (10 minutes total curing time) Lastly you wipe the tacky layer and you’re done!

My nails looked awesome! As soon as I wiped that tacky layer I could go about my business. No worrying about smudging the ends or anything. And they stayed chip-free for over 3 weeks! My nails don’t grow very quickly so I can get some extended wear. I got SO many compliments on my nails – people couldn’t believe I had done it myself!

Altogether it took me 1 hour to do the whole thing. It took longer because I had many interruptions from my babes, but also because I could only cure or apply. I couldn’t do both like what happens (so I hear) at the nail salon. Next time I’ll plan to do it after bedtime.

The biggest drawback was removing it. First you have to lightly buff the nails to remove the shine. Then the instructions say to soak a cotton ball in the remover (provided) and wrap with aluminum foil to keep in place and check every 5 minutes to see if it will lift away with the orangewood stick (provided). It says soak time is usually 10-15 minutes. Now, maybe I’m just not very good at this but the aluminum foil would not stay on for anything and I really could only do 1 nail at a time because of that. That is way too hard and time consuming. Maybe the next time I’ll get it to work so I can do them all at once.

All in all I am very happy with the NaiLuv Professional Gel Polish Starter Kit. I can’t wait to try some other colors!