Thought I’d stop in to say Hi! Here are randoms bits of Tuesday for you.

Right now I’m sitting here enjoying the quiet. The Mister is working, the kiddos are sleeping and I’ve been… doing some more work on my adventure. I can’t wait to bust it out and tell you all about it but, baby steps.

Picked up credentials for the 500 today so that was exciting! I love May in Indy, did you know that? Time for life to adhere to a strict calendar for several weeks. (ha) Hoping to have a little more courage at Media Day this year and ask a question or two of my own instead of just smiling and shooting the video. Who knew I would become the quiet one?

I got a FitBit today. I’m hoping that I can finally get motivated to do something and maybe write about it on the Buzz. I’m planning to document a baseline for the next couple of weeks and then formulate a game plan. I think #1 on the list should be eliminating all candy and cookies from eyesight. Yes, that should do wonders. I’m also curious to know how well I sleep and how many times I get up in the night. Hopefully those middle-of-the-night steps to the bathroom count toward my total. If so, I’m golden.

Well, I think that’s all for Tuesday. Hope you all are well, dear friends. I’d love to hear about your Tuesday, too.

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