2016, baby!

Happy new year all!

2015 finished strong! The kids are growing like weeds, I got a promotion at the day job, Brian’s business is thriving and I also started a new adventure of my own. All in all, we can put this year down in the good column!

I want to tell you about my adventure. It started, really, in 2014. It was a rough time in my professional life and also a bit financially. As Brian and I talked through the possibilities of what could change I began thinking about starting my own business on the side to help supplement our income. Through a series of conversations, research and some prayer and soul-searching I found what I wanted to do.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a love of all things Disney. My part of the bedroom growing up was covered with Mickey Mouse for a good many years, I love visiting the Walt Disney World® Resort and have a huge collection of Disney movies. So, I decided to take that love and do something with it. After taking some classes and several months of training I am officially a Magic Maker® with Off to Neverland Travel®! I absolutely LOVE what I am doing and could not be happier to have found this opportunity.

So, what is a Magic Maker®, you ask? Well, it means that I am your personal travel concierge. I take all the time, planning and worry off of your plate so you can focus on enjoying your well-earned vacation. My focus is on Disney Destinations but I can help with almost anywhere you’d like to go. I research, book, plan and reserve all aspects of your dream vacation… while adding my own sprinkles of pixie dust along the way!

If you are interested to know more about what I can do for you as your Magic Maker®, please check out my website: Off to Neverland Travel. You can also follow me on Facebook.

Happy 2016 and happy travels!!

food moves

aloha_lgWalt Disney World announced that Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace are trading places as of March 12th. I believe this is probably to better facilitate the crowds that gather ever hungry for that world famous Dole Whip! (In my opinion, no trip to Disney World is complete without it!) Sunshine Tree Terrace will continue to serve the Citrus Swirl. Orange Bird fans, never fear, the Bird will roost in the new spot very soon.

In other equally important news, the delicious Turkey Legs will be leaving Frontierland and Liberty Square as of March 25th and will relocate to the Cool Ship in Tomorrowland. This move I don’t personally understand – perhaps it has to do with crowd flow as well – it makes sense to me to have them in Frontierland. They fit that theme a lot better.

Well, there you have it Disney foodies. Now you know right where to go for your favorite treats!