WearEver Pure Living Cookware

PL 10pc set Champagne -Hi Res

via Indiana Chronicle

PRICE:  10 PC Set ($89.97),  8″ and 10″ Fry Pan Combo ($34.97), 12″ Fry Pan ($34.97)


DESCRIPTION: The fewer chemicals in cookware, the better. WearEver Pure Living cookware has ceramic surfaces free of toxins such as PFOA, PTFE and cadmium. Best of all, each piece is recyclable, and dishwasher safe.


So… wow! I have always used WearEver cookware. I have been married for over 12 years and was in need of a new skillet (since I didn’t take proper care of the one that I had). The WearEver Pure Living skillet is amazing. Nothing has stuck to it! I do a lot of cooking since I have a large family and this skillet has risen to the challenge! (plus the one I have is red which is pure awesome anyway) I have cooked bacon, eggs, ground beef, veggies and nuts in it and it has performed so well. When I feel it’s time to replace my entire collection of cookware, I think I know what I’m getting.

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