nora fleming collection

ladybug pasta ramekin

via Indiana Chronicle

PRICE:  Varies


DESCRIPTION:  The nora fleming collection pairs traditional ivory-colored, ceramic serving platters with unique, decorative pieces, minis, that represent holidays and themes. Each platter and serving piece has a small hole on the rim to place a mini that enhances the event or occasion. nora fleming has every serving occasion covered with ceramic serving pieces that include platters, a pedestal cake stand, candy dish/napkin holders, a divided dish and a large serving bowl. nora fleming’s unmatched, distinctive collection also includes over eighty minis which cover seasons, sports, hobbies, and holidays. New minis are released quarterly to ensure the collection stays fresh.


Who doesn’t love a good party?!

I love hosting parties and my favorite part is planning the theme and tablescape.  What I thought I would love is to have a different set of dishes for every occasion.  Then I realized I would have to store them.  Also, my chef sister says white is best because it shows off your food.

So, white dishes.  Okay.  How do I make that work with every theme?  What if I want some “fun” dishes?  Well, I found something that answers both of these questions.

spring display tier smaller

nora fleming platters.  White platters of different shapes and sizes.  And they aren’t just plain white.  They have a bit of interest around the edges.  The best part?  They have “minis” that you just pop into a spot on your dish and you’re instantly decorated for Halloween, a ladybug birthday, football party or Christmas dinner!  I have the pasta dish and I love it.  It is a great shape and size and serves anything you fix in style.  I can’t wait to get a pineapple mini for the next time I have a party in honor of my favorite t.v. show!  (any fellow Psych-Os out there?)

I plan to expand my collection so I can keep my friends talking about how awesome my parties are and how great the table looks!

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