the yard sale – follow up

All in all I think the yard sale went well.  I made over $100.  That was really over the span of about 3 hours so I’d say it was worth it.  It was a nice day and I got to sit and chat with my hubby.

I decided to set things out on tables and put one price for everything on that table (ex: $1 ea) and that worked really well.  Saved me from putting stickers on 300 rompers.  I only had a couple of people try to pressure me to drop my price on some things.  I held my own and got full price from other people later in the day so that worked out.

Now the plan is to take the biggest kiddos shopping for clothes since they don’t get any hand-me-downs.  I hope to find some good deals on summer stuff.  Now that it’s May they should be on clearance, right?  Ha.

I am already thinking about what I’ll have to put out at the fall sale.  Can’t wait to clear out some more stuff!


  1. Shop for yourself at yard sales: If you go to yard sales regularly, you will soon get a feel for how most people in your area price certain things. Buy things that are underpriced (whether you will use them or not), take good care of them, and sell them at a future yard sale for a price typical of your area. If you’re feeling ambitious, take your goods to a yard sale at a friend or relative’s house in an area with a higher Y.S.C.P.I. (Yard Sale Consumer Price Index).

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