return to zero

return to zero

When we lost Felix to stillbirth at 24 weeks our life changed forever.  It was so awkward and lonely.  Trying to get back into the world after this life altering experience was more than difficult.  So many people didn’t know what to say and, especially as time went on, very few people seemed to want to listen.  The public just doesn’t talk about things like this.  Mostly, I believe, because they just do not understand.  My friend Mel said it best recently to someone who didn’t understand. “When your parents die you lose your past, when your child dies you lose your future.”

Part of the reason I started writing was to help express my grief and be a resource and comfort to others who are traveling this road.  I also wanted to help inform others and break the silence and taboo that surrounds infant loss.  Now there is a major project out there with the same goal.

Sean Hanish has written and produced a movie that is hoping to break the silence on a global scale.  I am excited to be a local leader supporting his movie “Return to Zero.”  It is based on a true story of a couple’s journey through stillbirth.  It speaks of how life changes and how we each deal with grief in different ways.  It shows their experience of having another child after loss.

We as local leaders are helping by having people pledge to see the movie in its opening weekend.  It needs this to get someone in Hollywood to pick it up so that people around the world can see it.  My goal is to get 100 pledges by the middle of June.  You can click here to sign the pledge.  Make sure to enter my name in the local leader box so they know who sent you.

Thank you for considering to support this movie.  It will make a huge impact and help open up the conversation about grief and infant loss.


  1. Angela Wolff says

    Hi Amanda.
    I have searched for years to find someone else who lost their baby to a body stalk anomaly. Our son passed away 10 years ago. Lived for an hour and a half. I would love for you to flick me an email in private so we can share stories/keep contact as while there is a lot of support out there for people who have lost babies in other ways, as you will know, this condition is very rare! We are based in New Zealand and are also Christians! It would mean a lot to me if we could make contact further.

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