capture your grief

October, as you probably know, is a month of a lot of awareness; mostly focused on Breast Cancer and Down Syndrome. Those two things are very important to focus on, don’t get me wrong. Those are things that have affected my family and friends.

What makes me sad is that most people don’t know that October is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. Even the health care organization I work for (as far as I can tell from Twitter, anyway) has made no mention of it.

One organization that was founded to support families of little ones lost has begun a project to help make people more aware by having us share our stories. Project Heal, founded by Carly Marie, is sponsoring the Capture Your Grief project.

The goal: share a photo each day in October that shows your grief and the grieving process. I am participating in this through my blog, Facebook and Twitter.

I hope that by sharing these snapshots each day it will somehow help you to see a month’s journey through my loss. I will add mini posts to go along with my photos. I hope that this will start some conversations.


  1. I love your photos so far!

    I was so happy to see your trackback on the Carly Marie page- I look forward to seeing what else you have to show!

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