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I wanted to post some more pictures of Gabe.  I really miss him.  I know I keep saying that but it’s true.  He’s on my mind constantly.  Looking at pictures of him helps so I decided to share some more.  I’m working on my post about his delivery and will get it up as soon as it’s ready.  (I’m also working on creating my own theme for my blog – I’m not a programmer [yet] so it might take me a while!) For now, please enjoy these pics.  I found a couple where I look better and more like myself for those of you I’ve never met face-to-face.  🙂

Daddy and Gabe

Daddy and Gabriel snuggling

Snuggle bug


Mommy and Gabe

Gabe and Mommy (after a shower; boy do I look better!)

Dylan and Gabe

Brothers (Dylan and Gabe)

Mommy Daddy Gabe

Proud Parents


Daddy and his baby boy

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams


  1. Precious pictures. They do help tremendously!

  2. Absolutely beautiful…

  3. Oh he is so beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing such precious pictures.

  4. He’s perfect.
    Simply perfect xxxx

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