a new look

Okay, so maybe I became a programmer faster than you thought I would?  Actually, I’m married to one so I cheated a little.  I didn’t know he was ready to work on and launch the new look already.  It may continue to be tweaked so please be patient with us.  Hopefully we can get the family site updated next!  I may have a “black eye” post to make tomorrow…

We bought bunk beds for the boys last week.  Before that we had Ezra on a mattress on the floor and he must be having trouble adjusting to the bottom bunk.  It’s slightly too high for him to climb up on his own so we have some wooden steps that he uses to get in.  Since the move I have been going into his room to scoot them out of the way after he falls asleep just in case he fell out of his bed.  Well, I hadn’t made it back there yet tonight until we heard a thud… and then crying.  He ended up with 2 cuts on his eye – one on his eyelid, the other at the corner of it.  He wouldn’t let me put the frozen peas on it to help cut down the swelling.  He kept saying “I don’t want you!”  I told him that if Daddy took him that he would put the peas on, too.  Anyway, he’s doing well now.  He’s been sleeping next to me on the couch.

I guess now Ezra has a new look, too.  Fortunately it’s temporary.  Unfortunately it’s not as pretty as my blog.


  1. Love the new look. Of the Blog I mean. Not Ezra. He seems to be taking it well. Love you.

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