my littlest love

I wanted to share a few pictures of my Gabriel Elliott with you tonight.  Oh how I miss you, pumpkin.

precious Gabe

Gabe, Mommy and Daddy

Gabriel's breath on my face

sweet boy

Mommy and Gabe

cuddly baby


  1. You’re missed by so many, little Gabriel. <3

  2. Amanda, Gabe is so gorgeous!

  3. Oh he is exquisite. xxxx

  4. He is beautiful and I am so glad you had time with him. May you hold on to the promise that you will be reunited with him soon in heaven

  5. He is absolutely beautiful.

  6. I miss him so much already. Such a beautiful little boy. I’m so thankful that you had time with him, and I’m thankful for all of the pictures! Love you all.

  7. I’m so, so sorry. What a beautiful boy.

  8. Amanda,

    I think I found your blog through Stacy’s back in early summer after my stillbirth of our second son, Duncan.

    I’d bookmarked your blog in a “Duncan” folder on my sidebar, and have just had the (forgive me for how this might sound) nerve/courage to come back to check in on you.

    I don’t have words to adequately express how stunningly beautiful your precious Gabe is.

    And I want you to know that your words on this blog have touched and blessed me in the few moments I’ve spent here tonight. I’ve lost 3 babies to miscarriage, and our sweet Duncan this May. I only know my own heartache; I can only imagine yours, having carried two sons to term.

    I am currently expecting again, about 11 weeks along, and am terrified that the Lord will again ask me to give him back one of my children. The wisdom and peace that comes through in your posts reminds me, gently, that it’s not a matter of His asking. His will be done, and I am this baby’s mother, no matter how long his heart beats.

    Thank you for blessing me, even in your grief.

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