finishing up

I had my last OB appointment before delivery on Tuesday.  I also had an ultrasound done to check Gabe’s position.  He is breech – like he’s been all along.  He has a beautiful ear and chubby cheeks and LOTS of hair.  He wouldn’t let us see his face straight on – he has both ears, don’t worry.
So here is where we stand now… my OB has spoken with 2 MFM specialists – one of whom (believe it or not) has delivered a baby with LBWC.  Now, this baby was not full term but at least he had some experience with it.  After talking with them and going over positioning, etc. she has decided that I will need to have a vertical incision.  She will start with a low vertical incision and only convert to a complete classical incision if it’s absolutely necessary.  She needs to get Gabe out with the placenta intact so if she can’t reach it with the small incision we’ll just have to move to the large one to get him out safely.  She said the neonatologist may be able to then cut and clamp the cord to separate him from the placenta.  She and one of the MFMs feel like there could be enough cord outside of the defect to be able to do that.  The hospice RN has taken care of all of her details so it looks like – staging-wise – we’re all set.
BUT – I am starting to get nervous.  The risks with the classical incision are higher for bleeding, incidence of infection, and a weak scar.  I know that many women have made it through this type of delivery and are fine but it seems that every step in my road seems to present the greatest complication for the situation.  (plus I’m not looking forward to the “butt in the front” look that I hear I’m in for!)

I plan to get my laundry and packing done tonight.  I’m meeting with a dear old friend tomorrow and am going with the moms and Chloe for pedicures on Friday.  This weekend I will have a maternity photo session and then try to relax with my family.
REQUESTS:  I am asking you all to pray for my peace – for fear to be driven out.  Also for peace, sharp minds and steady hands for all of the doctors and nurses involved but especially for my OB.  (I think she’s a little nervous, too.)  Please pray for peace and strength for my husband as this is a scary time for him, too.  Pray that my children will be allowed to come and meet their baby brother.  (the hospital just enacted visitor restrictions to not allow anyone under 15 due to [swine] flu concerns)  And please, please pray that Gabriel will be healed on this side of Heaven.  I want so badly for him to come home with us that it hurts.


  1. Amanda,,,thinking of you all and praying for peace and strength for everyone. I know from being a nurse on the other side that all of the staff that will be present have you all in their thoughts and prayers also. God only chooses the best to be with you all at this time…I have seen this and have been told this to me from families at different times and so I truly believe that He chooses those special ones to be with you. If you want or need me there I will come. I want what you want and need, either way I will be praying for you all. I love you all!

  2. I am praying so hard for all your requests, especially the last one. I hope that God’s plan for Gabe includes a long life on earth. I hope that so much.

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