Tomorrow we are meeting with the nurse in charge of the Infant Loss program before my OB appointment. We’re going to sit down to ask questions about – everything, I guess. I’m not really sure what we’re supposed to ask. I’m not really sure what answers she can give. No one involved has been through a delivery like this before. Of course, I guess that could work to our advantage. We like to do things our own way so this could be an opportunity for that.

Here are my main thoughts… I want pictures and video. I want Brian to hold him as soon as possible. I want Gabe to be comfortable but not groggy from drugs. I want someone to go to our family as soon as he’s been delivered so they aren’t left wondering. I want a private recovery room. I want the kids to come there as soon as possible to meet their brother. I want to have as many or as few visitors as I want, when I want. Now to ask Brian what he thinks…

If God brings us to mind, please pray as we try to make some (more) decisions about how Gabriel will come into the world.

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