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Today saw us back at the maternal-fetal medicine department.  We were given another ultrasound.  This one was much less hurried.  We were able to see so much more this time.  He has a 3-vessel cord but it is extremely short.  His heart rate was 141 and he was being a little stubborn.  He kept wiggling and giving the technician a hard time.  We did finally get an awesome picture of his face.  He is so cute!  I think he has Brian’s nose.  He kept putting his arm over his face so we have several pictures like that, too.  I asked the tech when she showed us his stomach if she could tell which organs were “outside”.  She said the stomach and probably the liver.  The rest is difficult to tell at this point in his development.  We also got to see how/where his spine is curved (it curves in toward his belly and then back out) and found that one foot is clubbed.

We were able to ask the specialist some questions.  She did say that she thought a C-section would be our best bet for delivery.  I agree and so does my OB.  She also said that intra-uterine death “would not be unanticipated” in which case I could opt for a vaginal delivery.  If he does go to term she does not expect him to live more than several hours.  (I will take that over nothing!)  When I asked how long we could expect me to carry him she said she couldn’t really say.  There is not a lot of data out there on this condition, especially since most parents choose to terminate once the diagnosis has been made.  So, I guess we just won’t be making any plans for the next few months.

So, this brings us to our next step.  We are going to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia next week for a consultation at the Fetal Diagnosis and Treatement Center.  There we will receive an MRI, fetal echocardiogram and ultrasound.  Then we will meet with the surgeon in chief and a high risk OB to discuss all of the results and the plan of care.  I figure we can’t get any worse news so we’re going to give it a shot.

I ask you that you would continue to pray with us for a creative miracle for Gabriel.  We desire so deeply for him to be a part of our family here on earth.  We don’t know God’s plan but we know that we can ask for anything in His name.


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