I am trying to be aware of situations God places me in so I can figure out what He’s up to with me. Yesterday I was covering for one of my staff who was off. I was making phone calls about deliveries of feeding supplies. I returned a call to a mom who’d had a question about her last delivery and bill. It turns out that between her message Friday afternoon and when I called yesterday, her less than 2 month old son died. I cried with her over the phone and told her that I had lost a son earlier this year. The only other words I managed to squeak out were “just take it day by day.” I knew it was no mistake that I had spoken with her, but I was a little disappointed that that was all I had to say. Now, I know I have to be careful about what I say because I don’t know where these people are coming from but I had to say something. Losing a child is so unnatural; it’s hard to process. And even though there really isn’t anything to say to make it better it’s somehow “comforting” to know that other people have gone through – and survived – the same thing. Maybe as I come across this situation again (though I hope not too many times!) the words will come easier.

(as a side note, we found out 2 other families lost babies yesterday – 5 and 10 months old. WHY??)

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