capture your grief – day 9

Day 9: Special Place

The Smoky Mountains. We have taken many, many trips there over the years. It holds a lot of special memories for us. It also is a great place to escape. Even though it isn’t around the corner or a quick get away it is the place I think to go when I want to get out of here. We went to the Smokies after Felix died. We went to the Smokies the day after we got Gabe’s diagnosis. We went to the Smokies before I went back to work after Gabe died.

There is something calm and comforting about those mountains. I can just sit and be still and listen. I can see and hear God telling me it will all be okay; even when I don’t want to hear it. Sometimes I feel like the boys can see me from there. I know, it’s weird, but sometimes it feels that way.

It is a special place to me.

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