hello, old friends

Well, hello there! How have you been?

I think I must have developed an aversion to the internet these past few weeks. I haven’t been blogging or visiting blogs hardly at all. I haven’t seen many of my friends, either. (only 2, actually) I think I may have qualified for hermit status.

And now, “Let us go out into the world!” (that was for my 3 sisters and my brother)

I’m not sure where the withdrawal came from but it must have been necessary. I’ve had a good few weeks and was even able to squeeze in that MUCH desired trip alone with my husband.

I go back to work on Monday and, today at least, I feel good about it. I am ready.

So, as I ease my way back into the blogging world, and the world at large, I’d like to know how your holidays were. Even your resolutions for this year. I’d love to hear about them. I’m not really one to make resolutions, per se, but I am going to do Project Life this year so I’ll count that as my first official resolution. I always need to lose weight so that doesn’t count. (maybe I should resolve to have that OFF the list? we’ll see how that goes.)

Thanks for coming by even though I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ll come visit you soon.


  1. I’ve missed you…as you ease back into the world-I am here if you need me!! I am glad you got to enjoy some time “alone” time with Brian before you come back to work. Can’t wait to see you..and I will continue to stop by your blog:) Love and hugs!

  2. Hi I am just out surfing tonight, I occationally google LBWC as my son was diagnosed with is and stillborn because of it in 2007. Love to hear from other moms and thought you might too. Getting late but I’ll have to stop back another time and see more of your journey.

  3. Hi Amanda,
    If you are on Facebook and interested there is a group that was just started for families of children with LBWC. You can find me listed as Sharleen O’Brien Jones there. Thinking of you!

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