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My dad stopped by the cemetery on his way to work and noticed that our temporary marker had been placed.  He called my mom to let her know it was there.  As he was reading it to her he read “Felix David Groce April 14, 2008” and my mom said “the date is wrong.”  Then he told her there was a cross on it.  She told him “they asked for a dove.”  Then he called to let us know.  He went into the office at the cemetery to let them know and they said they would get it fixed.

This just excites me to no end, let me tell you.  (can you hear my sarcasm?)  First of all, they said they would call when the marker came so we could go out and place it.  That should have been last week.  Now it’s not even right!  So, we decided to go by to look at it.  I may post a picture once Brian gets it off the camera.  He is going to call the office to make sure they know what changes need to be made.  It makes me nervous about ordering the monument.  We checked over the paperwork for the temporary marker ourselves, twice, before he faxed it to the company.  It’s sad that we can’t trust people to be able to read and then transcribe what was written.  I think a large stone would be a much bigger pain to fix.  Hopefully we won’t have any trouble then.

Oh how I wish my biggest problem at this point was trying to keep Gabe from peeing on me when I change his diaper!  Instead we have to deal with stupid cemetery crap.

UPDATE:  Here’s a picture of the incorrect marker.

wrong marker


  1. Just a word, having been there myself.

    Literally — THERE. Both of my parents are buried at that cemetery, and we had lots of issues with their markers. I don’t remember if we had spelling/date problems (though that rings a bell) but it did take them MONTHS to get my dad’s marker up.

    Don’t bother being nice with them. That didn’t work. My sister went to school with/knows the Buchanan family and no one seemed to concerned about the situation until she mentioned that she would be calling him if it wasn’t fixed, and soon.

    And you know what? It was.

    Crossing my fingers that you don’t have to go through that. You’ve been through enough.

  2. I am sorry. That is just terrible. I would give them hell. You guys have been through so much, this is not something else you should have to handle.

  3. I’m so sorry. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

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