he kicked me in the face

I’m not sure if I’ll get to post at all this weekend after this.  We have a LOT of cleaning up to do around the house.  (I must be nesting because I really want to scrub the inside of the microwave.  Swollen legs and feet are keeping me from it.)  I really didn’t want it to come down to the last minute but, nevertheless, it always does.

Dylan keeps asking every day if “tomorrow” is Gabe’s birthday.  I think it’s mostly because he wants to give him the present he picked out.  Ezra asked me today if I was going to the hospital.  (nope, just to work near a hospital)  Then my darling Chloe says “No, his birthday is not until the 19th!”  I think they are getting anxious.  They are so cute though because now when they tell me goodbye in the morning they also “hug” Gabe and tell him goodbye.  I am so glad that they have had the chance to get to know their brother and develop (some sort of) a relationship with him – just in case this is all they get.  All three of them love to feel him moving in my belly.  Most of the time they tell me he kicked them in the face.  (Because, if you have or have had or have even been around small children, you know that personal space does not exist and they have to talk to him with their mouths ON my belly!)

So as we near the last of our preparations for the birth of our son, please continue to pray.  For healing of course but also for peace.  I am starting to get nervous about this delivery and what could happen to me.  (excessive bleeding=transfusion, infection from the placenta not being completely removed, and all sorts of other fun “what ifs”)  I had been telling Brian that he was going to have to worry about me because I was focusing on Gabe.  Now I think I am worried about me.

Ooh, just as an aside… we get to have an ultrasound when we go for my last appointment this coming Tuesday.  Better still… the tech should be able to pull video from our other ultrasounds and put those on our disk, too.  YAY!!


  1. I love that your children have such a bond with their brother. That is so wonderful.

  2. Thinking of you as the time of Gabe’s birth draws near. Praying for peace!

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