32 weeks down, 4 1/2 to go

We had another appointment with my OB today. (she just gets better and better!)

We talked about ways the delivery could go (incision type, private recovery room, when to bring the kids in, etc.) and she suggested we sit down with the perinatal hospice nurse and possibly some people from the NICU team to discuss our wishes. I don’t believe that anyone who will be in that room will have experienced a delivery like this and none of us want to make decisions on the fly. (I told her that was good because I would be pretty grumpy!)

One of the biggest things for me (and Brian, I’m sure) was the length of time it would take to get Gabriel into our arms. My doctor said that they could sterilize blankets and keep them in the field so that she could wipe him down, wrap him up and hand him straight to Brian. That is my favorite plan. I don’t feel like anyone else needs to have him. There’s nothing they will do so nobody needs to take him to the warmer.

I believe that we will have one more ultrasound before delivery so she can get an idea of how he’s presenting. We will be sure to get a video of that since we don’t have one yet. (I can’t believe that but we don’t!) I’m so glad we’ll get to see him that way one last time.

I guess next up is to decide whether to go ahead and make arrangements with the funeral home or not (we probably should) and I still would like to have a family photo shoot before we deliver.

Again, thank you all for your continued petitions to God on our behalf for Gabe’s healing and for our peace through this difficult season. I know He hears us!


  1. I don’t know if you can do this in your area but you might want to check online! You can pay to have a 3d-4d ultrasound done! The pictures come out very nice and clear.. mine did :D.. they even make videos!

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