our journey out east begins

First of all – thank you all for covering us in prayer. We can feel God’s presence with us.

I wanted to put a quick update on here since I couldn’t figure out the wi-fi at the Ron Don last night. We’re doing well – made it here safely (although delayed) and managed to get a cab and get to Ron Don. They are doing construction and we woke up with no water this morning. Then we only had cold brown water. Then I went up just before we were to leave to give it one more try and I was able to at least wash my hair! (yay)

CHOP today:
So far we’ve spoken with the billing coordinator who told us that EVERYTHING is COVERED! Woo-hoo! They are in the BCBS network so that is a big relief.

I had my MRI done. I think Gabe held pretty still although I know there were some noises that made him jump and wiggle. I don’t have any desire to have that done again!

Right now we are waiting for our fetal echo appt which starts at 11:00. Following that I will have an ultrasound at 1:15. Last on the agenda for the day is meeting with the surgeon and high-risk OB at 4:00. I will post more later, so stay tuned!


  1. Larissa says:

    That’s awesome that everything is going to be covered! One less thing to worry about. Can’t wait to hear the next update. Praying always….

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