lake trip

We went to the lake today.  Took the kids fishing – they had a blast.  They played on the playground while Daddy and Pa-pa G got the poles ready.  I took Gabe down the big slide.  I think he liked it.

We tried really hard to catch something but no such luck.  We didn’t come home empty-handed, though.  A very nice man had 3 fish that he wasn’t taking home so he filleted them for us and Gma cooked them for dinner.  I didn’t try any because darling hubby took me to a movie.  (Public Enemies – eye candy and armed robbery, something for each of us!)

I had darling hubby do a mini photo shoot at the lake.  I want to take pictures of Gabe in the belly everywhere we take him.  I’d like to make a scrapbook.  I try to talk to him and let him know what we’re doing and what things look like.  Sometimes he replies with a punch or a kick, so that’s nice.

My next OB appt is this coming Wednesday.  We’ll see the Maternal-Fetal medicine specialist before we see my OB.  I have many questions so I hope she’s ready for me!


  1. God is truly with you and Gabriel, Amanda. It blesses me to see you living in the peace of God as you continue on. You have chosen a wonderful way to celebrate the life that God has given to Gabriel thus far, and I know that you won’t ever regret it. I love you and Brian and Gabriel and all of our other grandchildren too.

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