back home again

My family and I went on a wonderful 11-day vacation. It was great to get away. Although you never really “get away” from your feelings. Anyway, we went to Gatlinburg with my parents, sister, brother and sister-in-law. Then we suprised the kids with a trip to Walt Disney World. We had the greatest time. We had purchased a 4-seat stroller that we took with us. It started getting a little old hearing “Did you lose one?” There were a couple of “cast members” who were genuinely concerned that one had “jumped ship” so we had to tell them that one had passed away. They felt awful.

One day at Epcot we decided to grab some dinner for the kids. Brian wanted to get something from the UK at World Showcase, so I told him to go ahead while the kids were eating and I sat down on a bench. I started talking to a couple who sat down shortly after I did. They were from Delaware and were big Colts fans. They had been part of a show at one of the countries earlier that day, the wife was wearing a button from it. Another couple walking by noticed her button and stopped to ask her what part she had played and that wife had been the same character. So, having the large stroller and all those cute kids, the other couple struck up a conversation with me. They were from New Jersey. That wife asked about the empty seat and for some reason I told her that we had a son who passed away. They asked how long it had been and then were worried that I had done all that walking in the heat so soon after giving birth. I told them all that I had been fine. Anyway, it turns out that the New Jersey wife (I really wish I had asked their names) and her husband had lost a 19-year-old son in 1993. We cried together and she gave me lots of encouragement and advice. She said “it’s not a club anyone wants to join, but it’s good to know there are others who’ve been through it, too.” She is so right. There are so many things she said that were thoughts out of my own head. It was amazing. I am so glad that God placed all of them in our path at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

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